Mollie Marriott runs with the hounds

Mollie Marriott | Borderline | 1 June 2017

(photo credit: Laurence Harvey)

“The right backing vocalist will mould their voice to fit the lead singer rather than just stand out and sing in their own voice,” explains Mollie Marriott, a former backing vocalist herself who’s now walked the 20 feet to stardom

“It took me some time to figure out what I actually sound like myself, because you can be quite impressionable as a backing vocalist, picking up bits and pieces from other people.”

But Marriott, who stepped out as a solo singer after working with A-grade talent including Oasis and The Faces, has certainly found her own voice. Powerful and charismatic, with a hint of melancholy, it’s a finely tuned instrument perfectly suited to the confessional, deeply personal songs she’s written for debut album ‘Truth Is A Wolf’.

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Sonny Landreth is ‘Live In Lafayette’

Slide guitar virtuoso Sonny Landreth is back with his first live album in 12 years.

The double LP ‘Recorded Live In Lafayette’, due on 30 June, features two sets, one acoustic and one electric, that span his entire career, beginning with the title track of his debut album ‘Blues Attack’.

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Duncan Lloyd: I O U O M E

Duncan Lloyd’s been busy. Within a month of his band, Maximo Park, releasing their sixth album, the guitarist is back with his latest solo outing.

But this is no slapdash EP thrown together from off-cuts that didn’t make the grade for the Park’s ‘Risk To Exit’. A 10-track collection of propulsive, emotionally charged songs this is a fully fledged album that perfectly complements the output of his day job.

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Matt Andersen: An Honest Man at The Borderline

(Photo credit: Colin Robertson)

Matt Andersen’s tour schedule is not for sissies. In the next two weeks the Canadian singer plays 13 shows taking him and his acoustic guitar from London to Stockholm, by way of Hamburg and Amsterdam. And that’s the way he likes it.

“I get more excited about tough schedules than find them daunting,” he reveals. “I like that kind of thing where you’re jetsetting – makes it feel rock ‘n roll, I guess,” he laughs.

“All that tiredness, and all that driving around and flying, that stuff is the worst part of what we do – but we still get to perform. And I think that’s the payoff for a lot of us,” Andersen points out.

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