Nada Surf

Nada Surf tease album and UK tour

Nada Surf return with a new album and a UK tour next year.

The New Yorkers, who release ‘You Know Who You Are’ on 4 March 2016, play Manchester and Glasgow before reaching London on 11 April. The venue has not yet been announced.

Their forthcoming eighth album marks the band’s first as an official quartet with the core unit – singer/ songwriter/guitarist Matthew Caws, bassist Daniel Lorca, and drummer Ira Elliot – joined by Doug Gillard on second guitar.

Produced by long-time collaborator Tom Beaujour at Nuthouse Recording in Hoboken, New Jersey, the album is preceded by the single ‘Believe You’re Mine’.

Although the band originally announced in January that the follow-up to 2012’s ‘The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy’ was almost complete, they have spent much of the ensuing months perfecting it.

“I was so eager to have an album done that I believed in it as it was,” Caws recalls of their premature announcement. “But the great thing about being ‘finished’ is that you can take a breath and evaluate, because the pressure to ‘do it’ is gone.

“The more I listened and thought about it, the more I realised that I might want to keep working.” Caws continues. “There were already a bunch of songs in the can that we all liked, so I could think more expansively about what the album could be.”

So now, whether it be in the mellow, laid-back glossy vocals of ‘Believe You’re Mine’ or the up-tempo infectiously catchy drum beats of ‘New Bird’, the new album captures every facet of the band. ‘You Know Who You Are’ also offers much that stands apart from anything previously heard in the band’s 20-year career.

“Sometimes it feels like, to our audience at least, we are two or three different bands at once,” Caws concludes. “It seems some people are looking to feel better, for encouragement getting over their obstacles, for help figuring life out… not that I’ve done that myself, other people are looking for love songs, and then some others just want to rock.”


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