Tacocat make up for ‘Lost Time’ in London

Not only are Seattle pop-punks Tacocat back with a new album, they’re heading back to the UK later this year.

‘Lost Time’, preceded by the new single ‘I Hate The Weekend’, is out on 1 April 2016 and a month later the band hit these shores for a six-date tour that includes a stop at The Lexington in London on 7 May.

Tickets are available now.

The members of Tacocat — vocalist Emily Nokes, guitarist Eric Randall, drummer Lelah Maupin, and bassist Bree McKenna — became friends in their teens and early twenties, eventually forming the band eight years.ago.

Taking its name from ‘The X-Files’, ‘Lost Time’ is their third studio album and their first with producer Erik Blood.

“I would describe him generally as a beautiful wizard who, in our opinion, took the album to the next level. Wizard level,” says Nokes.

Together they’ve created a collection of “fun, unselfconscious” pop songs about everything from nightswimming and the “bridge-and-tunnel bros who turn their neighbourhood into a toilet every weekend” to Plan B and high school girls who obsess over horses.

Hear those songs and more in person when Tacocat hit The Lexington in May.


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