Foxing have London on their minds

Foxing, from St. Louis, Missouri, are headed to the UK this spring as part of their first co-headline European tour.

Kicking off in Iceland on 16 April 2016, the trek has the quintet and TTNG reaching London’s Tufnell Park Dome on 30 April. Tickets are available now.

Conor Murphy (vocals, trumpet, sampler), Josh Coll (bass guitar, vocals), Ricky Sampson (guitar), Eric Hudson (guitar), and Jon Hellwig (drums) are out on the road in support of their second album, ‘Dealer’. Produced by Minus the Bear and Mastodon collaborator Matt Bayles, it features the new single ‘Night Channels’, which is accompanied by an 11-minute clip created over a seven-month period by the band and John Komar.

“I wrote the treatment for ‘Night Channels’ last summer while we were touring Europe,” says Coll. “I had it in my head that I would write our next video while strolling through some beautiful European street; perhaps over-romanticising a preconceived notion of what it means to be a creative abroad.”

But after two weeks inspiration still hadn’t struck and Coll was about to admit defeat.

“I remember distinctly walking through Amsterdam and feeling the city completely rip through me; somewhere between the the neon red smeared across everything and witnessing these strong women expose themselves to stoned tourists, the entire story poured out of me. I sat along the canal and wrote feverishly,” he reveals.

Back home, he spent several weeks working on the choreography with an actress, scouting locations, and recruiting more actors before an intense three-day shoot. A month of editing followed out on the road in the tour van, before the finishing touches were added at Coll’s home.  

“When I wrote ‘Night Channels’ I didn’t foresee it taking almost seven months to complete, but when I look back at it, the fact that every member of the band has a working credit in the video, and the fact that we continue to control our creative work from start to finish, rather than handing it off to others, I am very proud of it.”

Named after the natural process whereby old documents brown over with age, Foxing have always had a unique approach to music.  

“From the conception of the band, we realised: we’re not gonna be around forever,” Murphy revealed when they released their debut album, ‘The Albatross’, in 2013. “There’s classic literature that over time grows really old. But hopefully, you can make something that meant something at some point and will mean something down the road, even if it is aged and dated,” he notes.

“The thing that binds everybody together is the idea that death is completely imminent. age is an ever-looming idea that we can all agree on,” Murphy adds. “We make this music, we release it, and then, one day, it dies.”


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