Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus bring the noise to London

Titus Andronicus are following their expansive US tour not with a break but a visit to Europe.

Between their appearances at Primavera Festival in Barcelona (3 June) and Porto (11 June), the rock band are playing five UK dates, including a show at Tufnell Park Dome in London on 9 June 2016.

“At this point, touring has become a full-blown compulsion,” says Titus Andronicus leader Patrick Stickles. “I don’t know if we could stop if we wanted to, and if we did, what would we do with ourselves? Personally, without the guitar strapped on, I would not even recognise myself.

“Without the roar of the crowd, the silence would consume me. Thus, we sincerely thank the people of Europe for welcoming us so that we might fill the void of meaning which is the birthright of all humans.”

The decade since Titus Andronicus’ first live appearance in July 2005 saw close on 800 shows, 18 members, and the release of three full-length albums, culminating in 2015’s ‘The Most Lamentable Tragedy’.

A rock opera in five acts, spanning 29 tracks running over 93 minutes, it concerns a man in despair who embarks on a transformative journey after meeting his own doppelganger.

“Putting out this record is my way of closing the door on my twenties sharing what I have learned, sorrowing what I learned too late,” explains Stickles of an album that’s created its own interlocking universe.

“The first half is the second half in reverse – holding the first up to the mirror, we see the second,” he says. “Like our universe, it expands outward in every direction. It contains our most ornate arrangements and our most spare, our most uplifting music and our most bleak. With equal fervor we strive to show you Titus Andronicus at our most beautiful and our most brutal, our most polished and our most raw.”

  • Tickets to see Titus Andronicus at Tufnell Park Dome on 9 June 2016 are available now.

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