Moulettes get ‘Preternatural’ in Islington

Moulettes, the Brighton-based collective, are heading back to London armed with a new clutch of songs from forthcoming album ‘Preternatural’.

Best described as eclectic, the new 11-track collection incorporates elements of prog, pop, alt-folk, and rock.

“Presenting your own sort of eclecticism is the aim,” says drummer/guitarist/pianist/vocalist Ollie Austin. “Zappa, Gentle Giant to current bands like Field Music, John Grant, Snarky Puppy, My Brightest Diamond, Tuneyards, Tortoise etc would all agree. These were all references for the record.”

Uniting the disparate musical elements is a central concept.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the natural world,” says lead singer Hannah Miller, who was inspired by an article she read in New Scientist last year. “But this article compelled me to look deeper and start exploring all the surreal and beautiful diversity that exists. There’s so many phenomenal creatures out there we thought they deserved their own album,” she explains.

“There are so many things to write about. Lost love is sad, but a lost species is a tragedy for us all.”

Also featuring Ruth Skipper (bassoon, vocals, autoharp, synths), Jim Mortimore (double bass, guitar, vocals), Raevennan Husbandes (electric guitar, vocals, percussion), Moulettes began playing together at school in Glastonbury. They’ve since released three studio albums – their self-titled debut, ‘The Bear’s Revenge’, and ‘Constellations’ – and toured the world, sharing stages with the likes of Nick Cave, Mick Jagger, Seasick Steve, and Mumford and Sons.


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