Albany Down feed the flame at London’s 100 Club

Albany Down are bringing their forthcoming third album, ‘The Outer Reach’, to 100 Club on 31 May as part of a nation-wide tour.

“The new album represents how far the band has come in terms of our song writing and live performances,” says lead singer Paul Muir. “Evolution happens slowly and you don’t always notice, then one day you look back and realise you’ve gone from swinging in trees to flying spaceships!”

The rock band – Muir, guitarist Paul Turley, drummer Donna Peters, and bassist Billy Dedman – recorded the 11 songs with Greg Haver, who also produced their 2011 debut album ‘South of the City’ and 2013’s ‘Not Over Yet’.

“‘The Outer Reach’ is their best album yet, and I’m really pleased with the result,” says Super Furry Animals and Manic Street Preachers collaborator Haver.

The London-based quartet, whose influences range from The Black Keys to Led Zeppelin, have released a video for the album’s lead single, ‘Feeding The Flame’.

“The overall concept of the album is that the songs have a ‘trying and failing theme’ and overcoming adversity,” explains Muir. “The video portrays this concept vividly set in the near future where the band find themselves drawn to each other by fate, and embarking on a journey to freedom.”

‘The Outer Reach’ is released on 10 June 2016.


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