Lukas Graham spends ‘7 Years’ at Electric Brixton

Lukas Graham, the Danish quartet behind the hit ‘7 Years’, are headed to London on their debut UK tour.

Led by Lukas Graham Forchhammer, the group are performing at Electric Brixton on 25 May 2016, less than 2 months after the release of their self-titled UK debut album.

The album draws on Forchhammer’s own life experiences and finds the singer-songwriter dealing with the loss of his father in particular.

“I couldn’t go any further than 60 because my father died at 61. I need to pass it to believe it,” he says of ‘7 Years’, which describes his life to date and hopes for the future. “It’s a song about growing older. I’m also coming to a realisation that being a father is the most important thing. My biggest dream is not to be some negative old dude, but to have my kids’ friends say: ‘You’re going to visit your dad? Say hi! He’s awesome.’

“I had a perfect father.”

Forchhammer, who is joined in the band by drummer Mark Falgren, bassist Magnus Larsson, and keyboard player Kasper Daugaard, describes his work as “folk music and classical mixed with soul, rock ‘n’ roll, and rap”.

“We get down and dirty, and we talk about all the little things.”

Inspired by Dr Dre and the folk music of his father’s Irish roots, Forchhammer grew up listening to The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Al Green, James Brown, and The Prodigy in Christiania, an autonomous community in Copenhagen with no police, streetlights, or cars. Following a six-month stint in Buenos Aires in 2010, here he began working on songs that would feature on his debut album, which went quadruple-platinum in Denmark thanks to the singles ‘Drunk In The Morning’, ‘Better Than Yourself’, and ‘Ordinary Things’.


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