Plants and Animals

Plants and Animals waltz into Hoxton Square

Montreal-based Plants and Animals return with a new album drawing from influences as diverse as Van Morrison, J Dilla, Serge Gainsbourg, John Coltrane, Messiaen, and Angelo Badalamenti.

‘Waltzed in from the Rumbling’, billed as the group’s most soulful and inventive LP yet, will be supported by a tour that includes a stop at The Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen in London on 31 May 2016.

Tickets are available now

“We wanted to push the songs in less obvious directions to keep it interesting,” says drummer-vocalist Matthew Woodley. “To keep each other on our toes but also imagining that people listening to it would appreciate the same. But if it ever felt like cleverness was taking precedence over feeling, we’d drop what we were doing and move onto something else.”

“We pushed each other and we listened to each other more than ever before,” adds Nic Basque, guitarist-vocalist of the trio, who first gained international attention with their 2008 debut album ‘Parc Avenue’.

“It was fun and much easier than in the past. You just work — that’s how people develop their language in whatever they do. That’s what we did.”

  • For the latest on Plants and Animals, visit their website. 

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