A Grave With No Name

A Grave With No Name dons ‘Wooden Mask’

A Grave With No Name has announced his forthcoming album, ‘Wooden Mask’ with the release of its first single, ‘Wedding Dress’.

The London-based musician, born Alexander Shields, is also supporting the album’s release with a hometown show at Servant Jazz Quarters on 18 August 2016.

“’Wedding Dress’ is a funereal dance through the barrens of mud and memory,” says Shields of the dark but delicate song that encapsulates the new LP’s more elemental and skeletal sound that incorporates voice, ambient noise, acoustics, and field recordings.

“Whereas my previous albums have been preoccupied with loss, ‘Wooden Mask’ is a meditation on renewal, using ritual and ceremony as a means to explore this theme,” explains Shields, who uses the idea of the mask as a symbol of transformation, peace, and transcendence across 13 songs with an atmosphere that is “at times both distant and intensely intimate”.


  • ‘Wooden Mask’ is set for release on 12 August.

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