Black Peaches

Black Peaches get down at Kamio

Black Peaches are wrapping up a productive 2016 with a few live dates at the end of the year, including a London show at Kamio on 8 December.

Tickets are now available.

Not only did the collective release their debut album, ‘Get Down You Dirty Rascals’, this year, they’ve already played a sold-out London gig and brought their melting pot of country boogie, spiritual jazz, and funk to The Great Escape and Glastonbury, with more summer festival appearances to come.

The sextet – whose cinematic sound boasts shimmering keyboards, latin percussion, and slide guitars that’s drawn comparisons to Dr John, Manassa, and Little Feat – are led by Rob Smoughton of Scritti Politti and Hot Chip fame.

“I wanted to imply something ‘other’ and rotten and weird,” says Smoughton of the name he chose for the group that also features members of Legends of Country, The Severed Limb, and Zongamin.

“The music that got me playing guitar was bands like Little Feat and The Allman Brothers, classic ‘70s rock that leant toward blues but was also rhythmic and thicket-y, with two lead guitars. But it’s not enough to recreate it. I wanted to head further south toward Brazilian and Afro-Cuban rhythms, and repetitive guitar lines,” Smoughton explains of his new band’s sound.

Lyrically, the album is equally diverse – “less knowing and specific, with more room to project onto”.

“There’s no mention of moonshine, armadillos, or the open road,” says Smoughton, “they’re nothing to do with me. Black Peaches is not homage.”


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