Teenage Fanclub

Teenage Fanclub are ‘Here’ again

It’s taken six years, but Teenage Fanclub are back with a new album, their tenth.

‘Here’ is set for release on 9 September and will be accompanied by extensive touring across the UK, including two London shows: Islington Assembly Hall on 5 September and Electric Ballroom on 22 November 2016.

The Scottish band’s first release since 2010’s ‘Shadows’ reflects their more mature approach to recording – in their first six years together, they released five albums.

“I find that as you get older, everything expands,” explains Gerard Love, a founder member alongside Raymond McGinley and Norman Blake. “When you start out, the nucleus of the band is so tightly bound, you’re living in each other’s pockets. Later on, you move away from each other and then everything around you – distance and time – just expands. Life gets in the way.”

When they reconvened for ‘Here’, the trio, regular drummer Francis Macdonald, keyboard player Dave McGowan, and their soundman David Henderson decamped to three distinct locations: Vega in rural Provence, McGinley’s home in Glasgow, and Clouds Hill in Hamburg.

“We’ve been working together for a long time; we’ve probably used most of the studios in the UK over the years,” says McGinley. “We’re conscious of not repeating experiences that we’ve had before. For us, it’s about trying to get something new out of each place we go. If you’re always trying to make something original; it makes sense to go on a journey – a physical one – to try to make the record feel different.”

What’s unchanged is that the 12 songs they’ve recorded – four by each of the founder members – deal with the themes of life and love.

“Lyrically, I think it’s a coincidence that the songs hit on similar themes,” reflects McGinley. “We all write individually, there’s no formal discussion about what we’re writing. I always like to think anything’s possible when we make a new record but because of who we are and how we work, there’s always going to be a strong continuity.”

“Possibly the album seems like it’s all about life because we’re all surprised that we’re still here,” offers Blake. “Gerry’s not quite 50; both myself and Raymond are now. You do start to focus on mortality a bit more as you get older.”


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