‘Some Things Last Longer’ for Doe

London-based trio Doe are building up to the release of their debut album ‘Some Things Last Longer’ with a new single, ‘Sincere’, and two hometown gigs.

Nicola Leel (guitar, vocals), Jake Popyura (drums, vocals), and Dean Smitten (guitar) play Veg Bar on 14 August and, as part of the Specialist Subject Records all-dayer, The Lexington on 20 August 2016.


“‘Sincere’ is a rage pop song about dudes who are great at learning and regurgitating information and appearing like they actually give a shit about women’s issues, when their behaviour in private shows a different story,” say the trio about one of the first songs they wrote for the album.

“’I know who you are when no-one else is looking’ pretty much sums it up.”

Adds Leel: “A lot of the themes on the album centre around not taking shit from anyone and although it’s quite scathing in places, it’s musically playful and has a wry charm (I think). We can’t bloody wait to play all the songs live to hopefully more than 3 people.”

Doe began in 2013 when Leel and Popyura met via a classified ad and bonded over a shared love of horror fans and ‘90s US indie bands like Breeders, Weezer, and Sleater Kinney. Devising a sound built on their boy-girl vocals, they’ve subsequently released multiple EPs and singles, subsequently collected on 2014’s ‘First Four’ LP, and undergone a lineup change with Smitten recruited in September 2015.

The new lineup decamped to Leeds’ Greenmount Studios earlier this year for five days of recording with producer Matthew Johnson, resulting in their debut full-length studio album.

‘Some Things Last Longer Than You’ is released on 9 September.


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