Mothers walk a long distance back to London

Mothers are headed back to London in August as part of a UK tour.

The  new shows are in support of the deluxe edition of their debut album, ‘When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired’.

The new version features ‘Accessory Cloud’ (previously a digital bonus track available when the LP was initially released) and four early demos, including ‘Mother and Wife’ which closed the group’s performances on their spring tour.

“These songs are, for the most part, a collection of early cassettes and home recordings,” explains singer Kristine Leschper. “‘Accessory Cloud’ is the only studio recording included, which was originally cut from the record because it wouldn’t fit on the vinyl pressing.

“‘Mother And Wife’ and ‘Easy As Possible’ are some of my favourite recordings of ours to date, which were tracked at home on a tascam four-track cassette machine after we had finished ‘When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired’ but before we released it.”

Mothers began as a Leschper solo project in 2013 while the visual artist and songwriter was studying printmaking in Athens, Georgia. Drawing musical inspiration from the likes of Interpol, Joanna Newsom, and Lighting Bolt, the self-taught multi-instrumentalist played a series of solo shows during 2014 before recruiting additional musicians and recording the debut album with producer Drew Vandenberg.

The band, now also featuring drummer Matthew Anderegg, guitarist Drew Kirby, and bassist Patrick Morales, release the digital-only deluxe edition of ‘When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired’ on 29 July and play a PIAS Nites show at The Lexington on 17 August.


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