John Paul White

The Civil Wars’ John Paul White set for Bush Hall

John Paul White, one half of the four-time Grammy-winning duo The Civil Wars, is back with his first solo work in almost a decade.

The release of the album, ‘Beulah’, will be followed by a couple of headlining shows in the UK, including one at Bush Hall in London on 8 November.

Tickets are now available.

Produced by White and Ben Tanner, who plays keyboards for Alabama Shakes, ‘Beulah’ was recorded at Fame Studios and White’s own Single Lock Studios, both in Muscle Shoals.

The musician hadn’t been planning to write an album but songs kept materialising.

“Honestly, I tried to avoid them, but then I realised the only way I was going to get rid of them was if I wrote them down. I got my phone out, and I’d sing these little bits of melody, then put it away and move on,” White says.

“Eventually I got to a place where it was a roar in my head, and that pissed me off. Then one day I told my wife: ‘I think I’m going to go write a song.’ She was as surprised as I was. I went and wrote probably eight songs in three days. It was like turning on a faucet.”

Appropriately then, some inspiration for the album’s title came from William Blake’s “place deep in the collective spiritual unconscious”.

‘Beulah’ is released on 19 August 2016.


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