Crocodiles are ‘Dreamless’ at Hackney Wonderland

Crocodiles are live in London a week before releasing their sixth album, ‘Dreamless’.

The band, who have just released the video for single ‘Telepathic Lover’, play Hackney Wonderland festival on 15 October.  Tickets are available now.


‘Dreamless’ finds Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell swapping the fuzzed-out psychedelia, whirring guitars, and barbed production for synthesizers, keyboards, and a more spacious sound.

“We’ve always been a guitar band and I think we just wanted to challenge ourselves and our aesthetic,” says Welchez. “It didn’t start as a conscious decision but within the first week Charlie’s mantra became ‘fuck guitars’. Only one song has zero guitar but in general we tried to find alternatives to fill that space.”

Over the course of six weeks, the duo recorded the 10 songs that make up the album in Mexico City, where Welchez now lives, with occasional bandmate Martin Thulin of Exploded View. Welchez and Rowell handled guitar and bass duties, Welchez and Thulin live drumming, and Thulin the keys.

But the recording sessions weren’t without their problems.

“I suffered insomnia throughout the whole session. I was literally dreamless,” explains Welchez. “The past two years had been fraught with difficulty for us – relationship troubles, career woes, financial catastrophe, health issues,” he adds. “In that pessimistic mindset it was easy to feel as if the dream was over.”

Hence the album title, and the spoken-word sample that opens ‘Dreamless’.

“The sample is from a Christian preacher that we found over 15 years ago and used on the first 7” we ever did together when we were still teenagers,” reveals Welchez.  “Back then we used it with a sense of humour, laughing at the whole ridiculous guilt trip vibe. But hearing it again in our apartment in Mexico City, within the context of the words we were singing, it took on a different air. It lost the humorous aspect and just seemed like a commentary on life.”

‘Dreamless’ is released on 21 October 2016.


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