Bob Mould

Bob Mould to ‘Patch The Sky’ at Brooklyn Bowl

Bob Mould returns to London on 12 October.

Back at the same venue he played in February, Brooklyn Bowl, Mould’s show in the capital wraps his second UK tour of 2016 and follows an extensive North American tour in support of his current album, ‘Patch The Sky’.

“Apparently I’ve been given some special dispensation: how many musicians get to play loud rock at 55 and still have an audience?” asks Mould. “It’s amazing that people from so many different cities, countries, ages, and walks of life all continue to find something in common in my music.

“I take the art form very seriously; I appreciate being recognised for my efforts, and I’m incredibly grateful for the time I’ve had in the light. I like the brightness, and Lord knows I’ve got darkness covered.”

Some of the darkest moments come courtesy of Mould’s 12th solo album. Recorded with his current band, bassist Jason Narducy and drummer Jon Wurster, the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Silver Age’ and 2014’s Beauty & Ruin’  documents “a solid stretch of hard emotional times”.

Says Mould of ‘Patch The Sky’: “I don’t want to go into the details — more death, relationships ending, life getting shorter — because they’re already in the songs. Just listen and see if you can fit yourself into my stories. The words make you remember. The music makes you forget.”

But the veteran of legendary bands Sugar and Hüsker Dü knows how to balance “bright melodies and dark stories”.

He explains: “At the core of these songs is what I call the chemical chorus — you hear it once and your brain starts tingling. The heart rate picks up. It gets worse — you know it’s coming again and you can barely stand the anticipation. Then, the beautifully heartbreaking bridge appears, and you’re all set up — hooked for life. Music is an incredibly powerful drug. I want to be your drug dealer. I have what you need.

  • Tickets to Bob Mould’s Brooklyn Bowl show on 12 October are available from

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