HONNE head to the Roundhouse

HONNE follow a busy summer of festival appearances at Glastonbury, Latitude, and Ibiza Rocks with a UK tour that includes their biggest show to date at Roundhouse on 28 October 2016.

Earlier this year, in the run up to the release of their debut album ‘Warm On A Cold Night’, they sold out European and US tours which included New York’s Bowery Ballroom and London’s Brixton Electric.

Taking their name from the Japanese word meaning “true feelings”, singer Andy Clutterbuck and multi-instrumentalist James Hatcher met on their first day at university.

Remembers Hatcher: “You arrive nerve-wracked about what’s going to happen. Am I going to make any friends? Will they be alright? I instantly knew Andy was sound. He played me a whole album he’d written and put up on online. It was more developed than anything I’d heard from anyone my age.”

The pair began working on songs that same day.

“It was 2 in the morning,” says Clutterbuck, “it was completely pitch black and we just had a microphone setup. We felt immediately relaxed around each other, there was no-one laughing and no-one was being judged.”

Influenced by the likes of James Blake, Frank Ocean, and Quincy Jones, their debut album captures “the good days and bad of relationships in 2016”.

“We were terrible at being single,” they explain. “It’s always been about the search for something more meaningful.”


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