Pascal Pinon

Pascal Pinon sharing ‘Sundur’ with The Waiting Room

Pascal Pinon, Icelandic sisters Jófríõur Ákadóttir and Ásthildur, will be sharing their new songs with Londoners.

The duo, who released their latest album ‘Sundur’ earlier this year, play The Waiting Room on 18 November 2016.

Among the songs they’ll be performing is new single, ‘Orange’, which has just received the video treatment.

“The main themes in ‘orange’ is wordplay (repeating phrases but changing one word to alter the whole meaning), diary- or a kind of memoir-styled lyrics and imagining you’re in a piano bar in the 50’s singing about your loves and tragedies,” says Jófríõur of the song.

“The video portrays the story in the lyrics, the three love affairs, two failed ones and one hopeful one at the end.”

The song reflects the minimalist, folk-influenced sound of ‘Sundur’. Although written over the course of 18 months, the duo’s third album was recorded over two days.

“It makes the album feel more real and raw which is what it essentially is all about,” explains Jófríður. “It’s very sparse and a lot closer in the approach and in regards to the sound of our very first album. It’s kind of funny that seven years later, we would go back to the same place where we were at age 14.”

Thematically, though, the album is closer to 2013’s ‘Twosomeness’ than their self-titled debut. Taking its name from Icelandic proverb “sundur og saman” (“apart and together”), it deals with the sisters’ separation, as Ásthildur studied in Amsterdam and Jófríður toured the world.

“The fact that we spent so much time apart creates completely different connections between the songs than on ‘Twosomeness’, which for me makes it more diverse in the best way possible”, says Ásthildur.


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