Alpines flowing to Moth Club

Alpines are bringing their new album ‘Another River’ to Moth Club.

The London R&B duo play a special launch show at the Hackney venue on 9 November. Tickets are available now

Featuring the single ‘Heaven’, the second album from Bob Matthews and Catherine Pockson finds them confidently paring down the sound of ‘Oasis’, their debut.

Since its release in 2014, that album has seen the pair make fans out of Florence Welch, The xx, and The Maccabees, as well as lead to collaborations with fashion brands like All Saints, Paul Smith, and Urban Outfitters.

But they weren’t afraid to change things up on ‘Another River’. Billed as an “emotive outpouring on love and life”, in the words of Matthews and Pockson the LP “is made up of some of the most honest words we have written. That was the most important thing for us, to make sure to give the truth as purely as possible.”


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