Tanya Tagaq

Tanya Tagaq plots ‘Retribution’ at Cafe Oto

Inuk punk Tanya Tagaq, who releases her new album ‘Retribution’ on Friday, is set to perform at Cafe Oto on 24 January 2017.

The follow-up to ‘Animism’ is billed as “more musically aggressive, more aggressively political, more challenging” than its predecessor, which won the Polaris Prize for best Canadian album in 2014.

Focusing on the exploitation of women and their rights, the despoiling of traditional lands without consent, and the destruction of the planet through climate change and pollution, the LP can best be summed up by a lyric from the title track: “Money has spent us”.

Tagaq has just released a video for the song, also starring fellow Inuk performer Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory.

“For me, the ‘Retribution’ video is an exploration of the eccentric, the stomach lining of reality,” says Williamson Bathory. “It’s about the cross-pollination of Tanya’s voice and uaajeerneq — my mask work, a denial of the linear progression of past, present and future, a reminder that the earth’s strength is a part of our culture. It’s about feminism and Inuit women.”

The video follows the previously released clip for ‘Centre’, animated by

video for ‘Centre‘, a hip-hop song about molecular biology and menstruation, featuring. The video was animated by fellow Canadian artist Chad VanGaalen.

Says Tagaq of the collaboration “I always knew I wanted to work with Chad because I’ve admired his work from afar for years. I wasn’t expecting it to turn out this well, where he was going to exactly exemplify every single facet of what we were trying to express in an otherworldly, fantastically, logical dimension. I’ve never felt my work so accurately visually embodied.”

On ‘Retribution’ that work is created in collaboration with Jesse Zubot (producer and lead violinist), drummer Jean Martin, Tuvan throat singer Radik Tyülyüsh, rapper Shad, traditional Inuk singer Ruben Komangapik, and Tagaq’s own young daughter, Inuuja.


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