Joana Serrat

Joana Serrat crossing the verge to The Islington

Joana Serrat is returning to London in support of her latest album, ‘Cross The Verge’.

The enchanting folk singer, who impressed at the Slaughtered Lamb in May last year, is playing The Islington on 25 January.

Tickets are available now.

Her third LP, recorded in Canada with producer Howard Bilerman, finds the singer-songwriter exploring new territory.

“I didn’t have any intention of making a particular record with a specific sound. As I was writing the songs, I realised that I was approaching a new sound,” she told us last year.

“I don’t consider myself an overblown rose at all. That’s what I said to Howard: ‘I know I am not making anything new, don’t get me wrong, I have no intention to do so, but I need to follow what’s in my head, and this is a new sound for me’,” she explained.

“I have always had this little obsession with thematic albums and I think I got quite into it this time. I feel it’s more complete and compact than the others. I guess there’s this eclectic side in my songwriting that made the two others approach more pop and, as the result, having different genres in one record. I also feel more proud of the lyrics.”


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