Esprit D’Air

Esprit D’Air celebrate their ‘Rebirth’

London-based Japanese rock band Esprit D’Air are back.

Their new single ‘Rebirth’ is the trio’s first release in four years and will be followed by a return to the stage at the O2 Academy2 in Islington on 31 March.

Tickets are available now.

After a three-year break, the electronic rock and space metal band reformed six months ago with guitarist Kai stepping up to become lead vocalist. Joined by bassist Ellis and drummer Daishi, he believes their comeback single has parallels with their own experiences.

“The song ‘Rebirth’ tells the story of a man who finds his voice and sings under the stars. This leads to him becoming the saviour of his town as his voice inspires and refreshes everyone who hears it,” he says.

“The first and second lines allude to the beautiful view of audiences from the stage (‘Aoku yureta hoshi wo matoi’ – in blurred lights of the blue stars). The middle bridge implies his bright future, and how he’s moving forward towards it.”

“As Esprit D’Air have just reformed after three years, we feel this is our ‘Rebirth’.”

Since reforming in June, Esprit D’Air have performed at the UK’s largest celebration of Japanese culture, Hyper Japan at Olympia, and headlined a charity concert organised by Peko Peko on the fifth anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake.


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