Greywind share ‘Afterthoughts’ at St. Pancras Old Church

Greywind are playing their first ever headline show at London St. Pancras Old Church on 27 January – the release date of their debut album ‘Afterthoughts’.

Tickets are available here

Featuring the O’Sullivan siblings Steph (vocals) and Paul (guitar), the two-piece alternative rock band have come a long way from their hometown of Killarney, in the south of Ireland.

“My best friend at the time said: ‘You live in Killarney, you’re never going to be a singer’,” recalls Steph. “I was shy and people probably just thought ‘There’s that weird girl who listens to My Chemical Romance’.”

Galvanised by their uncle’s suicide, the pair formed Greywind in July 2014 – undeterred by their isolated location and lack of contacts.

“We wanted to make a start and feel like we were doing something,” explains Paul. “And we thought it would take years,” interjects Steph. “Which it usually does.”

But when they uploaded a demo of their first completed song ‘Afterthoughts’, they set off a chain of events that included being picked by Radio 1’s Zane Lowe as his Next Hype, inking a management deal, recording their debut album with Grammy-winning producer Jason Perry at Texas’s Sonic Ranch Studios, and, since 2016, hitting the road to share the music.

“It’s all we’ve ever wanted, so why be nervous?” says Paul.


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