It’s ‘Evermore’ for Grandaddy at Roundhouse

Grandaddy are sharing new single ‘Evermore’ as they gear up to releasing their first LP since 2006 and returning to the UK.

‘Last Place’, the follow-up to ‘Just Like The Fambly Cat’, is due on 3 March. The band, fronted by Jason Lytle, play two London shows a month later. On 3 April they’re at the Roundhouse; the following day they’re at Rough Trade East.

The band, formed in Modesta, California in 1992, broke out five years later with the single ‘Summer Here Kids’ from their debut album ‘Under the Western Freeway’. They followed it up with another collection of ”atmospheric electronics meet warped Americana” on 2000’s ‘Sophtware Slump’, before 2003’s ‘Sumday’ really saw them hit the big time, even landing a slot on Glastonbury’s main stage. But three years, an EP, and an album later, they called it quits.

Lytle relocated to Montana, reconnecting with nature and recording two solo albums, before moving to Portland, Oregon, and finally, having started writing songs he felt were fitting for another Grandaddy album, returning to Modesto.

Following a brief reunion in 2012, the band are now back with ‘Last Place’.


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