Nothing ‘Cosmetic’ about NOTS at Cafe Oto

NOTS are heading to Europe in June, with the Memphis quartet reaching London’s Cafe Oto on the 7th.

Singer/guitarist Natalie Hoffman, drummer Charlotte Watson, bass player Meredith Lones, and Alexandra Eastburn on synths will be in town for the first time since releasing their latest album ‘Cosmetic’.

Recorded in their hometown with Keith Cooper and Andrew McCalla, the follow-up to their first full-length LP ‘We Are Nots’ features the singles ‘Entertain Me’ and ‘Inherently Low’.

“‘Entertain Me’ is a song in a constant state of movement and deterioration around one central, repeating part. No two live versions of it sound the same,” says Hoffman.

“Drawing influences from experimental no wave, postpunk, and psychedelic music, “Entertain Me” takes its cues from the edges of genres, where one begins to blend into another, and nothing is easily classified.

“The lyrics reflect the cyclical, distorted nature of the song, addressing different facets of the grotesque horror show going on in American politics and how they are portrayed – the rise of Trump, the reality-TV-like nature of American news, the almost-forced compliance of the viewer, and the for-profit-constructed ‘right’ of the viewer, the consumer, to require constant entertainment in order to participate, and to live,” she continues.


In contrast, ‘Inherently Low’ looks inward.

“It deals very much with depression and loss,” reveals Hoffman.

“The chorus describes a feeling of being trapped in your current state of mind, so much so that it begins to feed upon itself and falsely make you believe that you always were and always will be that way.

“I believe that in many ways this feeling is created and perpetrated by a society that is set up to purposefully keep many people low  – undereducated, unable to be healthy, and just generally depressed at the current state of affairs in the world – in order to benefit a select group who hold the strings, and who will do anything to keep control.”


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