Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham set for The Roundhouse

Last year, Lukas Graham’s UK tour sold out within 48 hours on the back of global smash hit single ‘7 Years’.

Now the Danish quartet are returning to the UK for their most extensive tour yet, starting at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre on 25 February and culminating at The Roundhouse on 7 March.

‘7 Years’ – which has topped the charts in 33 countries, including five weeks at #1 in the UK, sold a million copies, and had almost 660 million plays on Spotify – has paved the way for the next single from the band’s self-titled UK debut album: ‘Mama Said’.

“One time, the kids in school made fun of me because I was wearing the wrong jeans,” singer and songwriter Lukas Graham Forchhammer says of the autobiographical song. “I bought them with my own money, and I was so proud.

“My mum said: ‘Don’t listen to those rich kids. We’ve got a bed and food. Imagine how many children don’t have that.’ My dad told me: ‘You’re going to be laughing at them one day, but don’t point back. Don’t get even or mad. Keep walking and smiling.’

“I never want to lose sight of my roots. I know where I’m from. I’m also not going to forget where I’m going.”


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