Sir was

Sir Was ‘Digging A Tunnel’ to Birthdays

Sir Was continues the build-up to his debut album by unveiling the single ‘Revoke’.

The unorthodox take on hip-hop, soul, and electronica follows ‘In The Midst’, also taken from the forthcoming ‘Digging A Tunnel’.

Due for release on 10 March, the LP will be supported by a European tour that includes a stop at Birthdays in Dalston on 11 April.

Sir Was, the musical alias of Gothenburg artist Joel Wästberg, explains the new video captures those brief, extraordinary moments of in our day-to-day realities.

“We might be stuck with our situation in life, our regrets and our wish for things to be different from what they are but sometimes between our dreams of something else there are glimpses of beauty and the ability to enjoy it,” he reveals.

The clip was directed by Swedish artist and frequent Wästberg collaborator, Fredrik Egerstrand.

“We met in the forest one shady night, while recording a video for Junip,” remembers Wästberg. “Joel wanted to do a video at this very spot, the Pub Aberdeen. It’s a place we both pass daily.

“There is a common feeling in all the videos we try to accomplish. They all growth from where sir Was music origins. From a working class point of view. There is no stylish things going on, but hopefully there is human touch in every video.”

As for the song itself, and the other nine tracks on ‘Digging A Tunnel’, Wästberg found inspiration seemingly everywhere: “Moondog, Bob Hund, My Bloody Valentine, D’Angelo, J Dilla, Thomas Mapfuno. Liturgy, Dudley Perkins, Sly and the Family Stone, The Beatles, Mahavishnu Orchestra… I don’t know. I listen to a lot of stuff!”

He also plays a lot of stuff – most instruments on the album, in fact: drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, percussion, clarinets, and saxophone.

“Everything except the bagpipe and the harmonica… Those I captured with my iPhone,” he says.


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