Jesus Jones

Jesus Jones take ‘Passages’ to The 1oo Club

Jesus Jones, who burst on the scene in 1991 with the hit singles ‘Right Here Right Now’, ‘International Bright Young Thing’, and ‘Real Real Real’, are back with their first album since 2001 – and a tour to boot.

‘Passages’, due for release in June 2017, will be supported by shows across the country including London’s The 100 Club on 29 June.

“In the time we stopped writing and recording frequently, music has changed (of course), as have the band members themselves,” says singer and songwriter Mike Edwards of the follow-up to ‘London’. “Anything we play live has got to be immediate and visceral, and that way it’s very much like the writing approach of the first two Jesus Jones albums.

“All told, I’m really excited about this album, like I’m excited about this rejuvenating phase in our career. I think it is an album that’s creatively interesting, one that sounds both like Jesus Jones and unlike Jesus Jones in the best ways, and above all it rocks.”

Founded in 1989, Jesus Jones followed the breakout success of their million-selling second album with further ‘90s hits like ‘The Devil You Know’, and appearances at Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage, Wembley Stadium, and to a quarter of a million people in Brazil.

However, following the release of ‘London’ in 2001, the band lost momentum.

“We just didn’t have any support structure, so we drifted a little. We would still play occasional shows but we lacked the impetus to do anything beyond that.”

By 2010, Jesus Jones had regained their focus, reissuing their classic albums and returning to the global live scene with a vengeance.

“We had so much fun, every time we played, and we just thought if this is fun, why don’t we do more and then we’ll have more fun? It was all quite simple. We wondered why we’d not done it sooner,” remembers Edwards.

But the band – also featuring Alan Doughty (bass and backing vocals), Jerry DeBorg (guitar and backing vocals), Iain Baker (keyboards, samples, and backing vocals), and Gen (drums and sequences) – needed new songs.

“We’d done everything else, we absolutely felt like a proper band again, but we needed new material to underscore it all,” says Edwards. “Having said that, it’s never as simple as just pulling a new album out of a hat, I had to take it slowly, to convince myself I was still able to produce anything worthwhile.”

By 2016, Edwards had done just that, with the group releasing the successful EPs ‘How’s This Even Going Down’ and ‘Suck It Up’, which led directly to ‘Passages’.

“It’s great to actually see how much people appreciate what you’re doing,” says Edwards. “That gives you the impetus to do more, definitely.”


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