Minus The Bear

Minus The Bear bringing ‘VOIDS’ to Scala

Minus The Bear have released their sixth album, ‘VOIDS,’ and are backing it with a string of UK dates in the summer. 

The Seattle band play Scala on 6 June with support from Joan of Arc.


When it came to recording their first LP in five years, produced by Sam Bell (The Cribs, Weezer, Bloc Party, Two Door Cinema Club), the quartet found themselves starting from scratch again.

“There was a lot of change and uncertainty,” says guitarist David Knudson. “I think the general vibe of emptiness, replacement, lacking, and longing to fill in the gaps was very present in everyone’s minds.”

For example, singer/guitarist relinquished vocal duties on songs like ‘Robotic Heart’, ‘Tame Beasts’, and ‘Call the Cops’ to keyboard player Alex Rose, who also took a larger role in songwriting this time around. And, apart from the input of their new producer, recently recruited drummer Kiefer Matthias helped bass player Cory Murchy add a freshness to the rhythm section.


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