Wild Child

Wild Child are no ‘Fools’ at Oslo

Wild Child from Austin, Texas, are bringing their lush indie-pop to the UK this month.

Their four-date tour, which kicks off in Belfast, culminates in a show at Oslo in Hackney on 12 March. Tickets are now available.

The run of UK gigs, which form part of a larger European excursion, continue the group’s relentless touring schedule in support of their latest album, ‘Fools’.

“It’s not necessarily the performing that’s addictive, but being able to connect with that many people at once. You feel like you’re together in something – like you experience the whole thing together.

“It’s family therapy with a lot of dancing,” says singer and violinist Kelsey Wilson who forms the core of Wild Child with Alexander Beggins (vocals and ukulele).

Now backed by a five-piece band, the duo formed when co-songwriters Wilson and Beggins met while performing in the backup band for a Danish artist’s US tour. Since then they’ve released the albums ‘Pillow Talk’ (2011),The Runaround’ (2013), and ‘Fools’ (2015).

“The two of us never really intended to be singers and still don’t really consider ourselves singers,” says Wilson. “I don’t think of myself as a singer. I think of it just like talking. We’re just having a conversation.”

And an honest one at that.

“There is a beauty in lyric writing that is almost too honest,” admits Beggins. “We’ve always tried to poke holes in that terrible thing that nobody really wants to think about.”

Concludes Wilson: “The instruments may belong in a granola commercial, but what we’re saying is often dark and angry and bitter.”


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