My Baby

My Baby bring ‘Prehistoric Rhythm’ to Oslo

My Baby are heading to London on 10 April.

The Dutch band play Oslo Hackney as they take their new album ‘Prehistoric Rhythm’ to venues across the UK.

“In these times of turmoil and this busy and ongoing society that we live in, humankind is searching for a new way to go back to their primal awareness. We want to take the audience on a Shamanic inspired musical journey you have never seen before,” says singer Cato van Dijck of their third album.

“Over the past two or three decades, electronic dance music has become a huge part of our culture,” continues guitarist Daniel “daFreez” Johnston. “It’s hard to fathom just how many people connect and celebrate life by going to dance parties and raves. These gatherings are quite similar to tribal celebrations and rituals that have been around for thousands of years across all cultures in the world.

“The desire and need for those rituals remains and has become a fascination for us and we have made that trance-like hypnotic groove an essential part of our live performance, but it is also prevalent on a lot of the album. It’s funny to think of it. Going back to prehistoric times, people dancing round a fire together! It’s in our DNA.”

The Amsterdam-based trio also looked to the past when it came to recording the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Shamanaid’.

“We recorded this album primarily on a four-track ampex deck from the ‘50s,” says drummer Joost “Sheik” van Dijck. “We wanted it to sound old so you feel as though you experience something not linked to the present, but rather like traveling through different eras.”

After releasing their debut album ‘Loves Voodoo!’ in December 2013, My Baby played gigs at Eurosonic and toured the UK and New Zealand. By April 2015 they were supporting Seasick Steve on his UK tour, going on to play seven alternative stages at that year’s Glastonbury.

  • ‘Prehistoric Rhythm’ on is released on 7 April.

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