Happyness ‘Write In’ to The Dome

Happyness are hitting the road in April, with a new album in tow.

The UK tour in support of their second LP, ‘Write In’, includes their biggest London headline show yet, at The Dome, Tufnell Park, on 28 April.

The follow-up to 2014’s NME Award-winning ‘Weird Little Birthday’ was recorded in the same studio with the same equipment and the same mixer. And yet it marks a step forward for the band.

“I think we were a bit disillusioned,” says guitarist/vocalist Jon EE of the time leading up to writing and recording the album. “The mystique of the record business had, er, lessened. There was this ball of anxiety we had to unsubtly unpick… we wrote so many songs and got stuck chasing our tails a bit, for months.

“It was kind of an overflowing glass, in a bad way: it was impossible to contain all the things we wanted for the record. Then we took a break and came back and everything started to fall into place.”

The resulting album, self-produced in their own Jelly Boy Studios above a now-abandoned bookshop, is more song-based than its predecessor, taking cues from the likes of Roxy Music, The Beach Boys, Randy Newman, and Sonic Youth.

“I think this record is saying there’s a massive world outside this little American alt-rock sphere we were looking in on,” says Jon. “Like The Kinks. Or The Move! I don’t think the anti-earnest thing we had is as present anymore. Part of what’s opened up is just being able to be tender or heartfelt without feeling guilty about it.”

He adds: “We can take things a bit too seriously, and wax philosophical about them, but when it comes down to it, it’ll be a big joke. You go, actually, maybe all music’s a bit silly. All the greatest bands of all time are, if you take away the aura, sort of childishly frivolous. But then, inevitably, something will imbue it with seriousness again.”


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