Matt Andersen

Matt Andersen is an ‘Honest Man’ at The Borderline

Matt Andersen is heading back to the UK for an intimate solo tour that will bring the Canadian blues musician to The Borderline on 25 May.

Tickets are available now.

The shows will see the two-time European Blues Award winner showcasing songs from his latest album,  ‘Honest Man’.

Produced with Joss Stone/Amy Winehouse collaborator Commissioner Gordon in New York City, the follow-up to the JUNO Award-nominated ‘Weightless’ finds Andersen exploring new musical terrain.

“Gordon has worked with so many different people, like Santana and Quincy Jones, on so many historic albums,” says Andersen. “He has such a great approach and was able to tie-­in so many new ideas to what I’ve done in the past without losing touch with my sound.”

This included working with different musicians and using drum beats as the starting point for songs.

“Using beats is something I never thought I would go for. But it was a lot of fun and I’m really excited with what we recorded. If I was left up to my own devices it would have been a very different record.”

The record they created together includes songs like ‘I’m Giving In’, the final track to be completed.

“It was my last night in New York and the studio we were using was underneath a ballroom where Alicia Keys was rehearsing for a performance the next night. We managed to get the piano recorded in between the breaks of the rehearsal but had to skip the vocals.

“We went back to Gordon’s studio to listen back to the week’s work and enjoy a scotch when we decided to take a stab at recording the vocals. This was at 1 am. It was a special way to wrap up the sessions with Gordon.”

Equally special is ‘One Good Song’.

“All songwriters desire to have that one good song that just gets everybody. Not necessarily a hit, but a song that when it’s heard you can’t help but listen. This song is about the journey we all take to get there,” he explains.

With over 10 million views on YouTube, and having shared stages with the likes of Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy, and Greg Allman, Andersen’s certainly written more than just one good song already.


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