Sukh: ‘Something Good’ exclusive song premiere

Doctor by day, musician by night. That’s Sukhdeep Krishan, or Sukh to his fans. Since releasing his debut album ‘Kings’ in 2013, the Manchester-based singer-songwriter has balanced making music with making people better.

“I get withdrawal symptoms if I haven’t picked up a guitar and played a piano for a while. I get restless,” he reveals. “So I guess you could say I need to do it. Music is a completely different world to my day job.

“I like to think they complement each other, but the very nature of music and its ability to allow self-expression is a stark contrast to the guideline-driven and logical approach to medicine. Music, I guess, is my medicine especially with the current state of things.”

And today the medicine he’s prescribing is the sunny ‘Something Good’, his new single, out on 14 April.

“It’s a happy song and alludes to the idea that something good is everywhere but people are always looking for it, or perhaps overlooking it,” he says.

But, even though he’s a doctor, don’t just take his word for it. We have the exclusive premiere, so listen to it now.

Music must be something you feel really passionate about for you to devote what little free time you have to it?

Yeah, it’s always a challenge but at the same time I don’t really have a problem in the creation of ideas. It can happen when I’m travelling or even at work. Being a doctor means you’re privileged to seeing a different part of humanity. You see people in times of crisis. It all feeds back into the creative processes. I log ideas often on my phone in the voice memos. Lots of ideas. Some bad, some good. I call it the bank. Sometimes I can use ideas from years ago.

‘Something Good’ was actually a song that I had in the bank for a while. It came together quite slowly but clicked when I figured out the chorus. Then it quickly came together from there.

How do you feel it compares to a track like your first single, ‘Kings’?

Since ‘Kings’ a lot has changed. I’m more comfortable as an artist and understand more about what I am and what I want to do. My voice I feel has grown and I know my strengths and my weaknesses. I’m more happy collaborating with others and approaching projects the same way I imagine a film director does. Get the crew, the right cast, the right script and the right performance, and you’re there. Although I’m a solo artist the truth is it’s a team effort. It’s bigger than me. ‘Kings’ I did pretty much on my own. It’s much less stressful now. I’m enjoying it more.

Do you think that having the day job has helped or hindered you along the way?

Both. It has helped in the creation and songwriting process but there are times when I’ve needed more time. That being said I still think I make the time and I have multiple projects on the go at once. My aim is to complete one project a year for the foreseeable future. One benefit of working is I can self-fund and not be restricted by other people. You can take your own risks and not have to wait for someone else to take the risk for you.

And finally, in terms of risks, the stakes probably don’t get much higher than when releasing a new song into the wild?

They’re precious things and putting them out into the world is what I imagine letting a child go is like. You hope the world loves them as much as you and is kind to them, but there’s no guarantee. When people do connect it makes all the work mean something. And that is everything.


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