Physics House Band

The Physics House Band going ‘Calypso’ at Kamio

Brighton-based jazz-influenced psych-rockers The Physics House Band are back.

The trio, who have just released their new single ‘Calypso’, play Kamio on 12 May.

“We wanted to make something that was a strong mix of beautiful visuals, and the live performance element that has always been a an important part of our band,” bassist/keyboard player Adam Hutchinson says of the video for ‘Calypso’, shot with cinematographer Jake Keeble.

“Jake and I experimented with shooting coloured inks into spinning water, filming my obscene ‘70s shirts on a turntable, covering fruit with gold and silver paint. We then shot all the live performance parts at Fire Eye Land in Kent, and I cut it all together to make a freaky psychedelic mess.”

‘Calypso’ is taken from the trio’s follow-up to 2013’s EP ‘Horizons/Rapture’, ‘Mercury Fountain’.

Named after an Alexander Calder sculpture Hutchinson spotted in a Madrid gallery, the LP is about a “hallucinogenic journey through the mind, parallel universes, and the astral plane, using the allegory of diving into a Mercury Fountain”.

Its nine tracks were recorded at Kent’s Wicker Studios with Joel Magill and Raven Bush and, as in the past, experimentation played an important role during writing and recording. The band, also featuring guitarist/keyboard player Sam Organ and drummer Dave Morgan, used multiple vintage microphones, drum sets, amplifiers, and synths (including a rare Russian Moog copy), with guest musicians contributing additional jazz flute, violin, and saxophone.

Since meeting at university after their previous bands broke up, the trio have performed with the likes of Alt-J, Jaga Jazzist, Django Django, 65daysofstatic, Three Trapped Tigers, and Mono.


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