Shaking Chains

Shaking Chains shaking up The Islington

Shaking Chains are marking the release of their debut single, the double A-side ‘Midnight Oil/Drunk No More’, with a launch show at The Islington on 29 March.

Tickets to the gig, which will also feature MONEY frontman Jamie Lee “reading some of his words” are available now.

Currently based in London, lead vocalist/guitarist Jack Mahoney, bassist Nathan Mcilroy, guitarist Alex Solo, and drummer Jack Hardiker have played music together since they were in school.

Borrowing their name from The Masque of Anarchy (a poem Shelley wrote to express his disgust with the Peterloo Massacre and encroaching parochialism of the England he’d fled), the band don’t take the power of music for granted.

“We still believe that music can be a worthy outlet to vent and decry the stupidity of man. Or celebrate it. Ultimately, we want to provide a befitting soundtrack before humanity is rubbed out and the only sounds you hear are the hooves of the four horseman crushing your spirit into the dirt.”

  • ‘Midnight Oil/Drunk No More’ was released digitally and physically, on 500 hand-numbered 7” vinyl (100% analogue), on 24 March. A film accompanying the single is at

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