Joseph sending an ‘S.O.S.’ from Shoreditch Town Hall

Joseph, the sister trio from Portland, Oregon, who recently played a sold-out Union Chapel show, are heading back to London.

The group, whose new single ‘S.O.S (Overboard)’ has been playlisted by Radio 2, perform at Shoreditch Town Hall on 30 June.

Tickets are available now

Allison, Meegan, and Natalie Closner are touring in support of their album ‘I’m Alone, No You’re Not’.

“This is really when you learn what’s special about a song, or if it’s special,” says Natalie. “It’s this crazy firecracker thing that happens: ‘Am I feeling something? Is anyone? What is this song, what does it do, which parts make the most sense?’

“It really is about connection with people, and we’re so grateful we’ve gotten the chance to do that. This has been a totally wild journey, and we’re constantly blown away with possibility of what could be.”

Like sibling duo First Aid Kit, Joseph take advantage of their complementary voices.

“It’s just second nature, like a fifth limb that’s already on you,” adds Natalie. “There’s an ability to anticipate what’s going to happen and blend with it. When Meegan and Allison sing, they know exactly what I’m going to do and when.”

But it wasn’t always like this. Natalie, the eldest, was pursuing a solo career in Nashville when she decided to ask the twins Allison and Meegan to join her.

 “We thought she was asking us to be background singers, so we didn’t take it that seriously,” says Allison. “It was more commitment than I was expecting – I even tried to leave at one point, but after a while, I was convinced.”

And now the group – named after their grandfather Jo, and the tiny Oregon town of Joseph where he lived – are already on their second album, recorded with producer Mike Mogis, known for his work with Bright Eyes and Jenny Lewis.

“This was our first time doing a recording like this,” says Natalie, “and we learned so much about creativity. Mike is a genius, and he’s just a total maniac as a musician, so he took these bare bones songs and brought them to life with lush, gorgeous textures and sounds.”


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