Craig Finn

Craig Finn wants the same things in London

Craig Finn is celebrating the release of his third solo album, ‘We All Want The Same Things’, with a UK tour that includes two London gigs.

He’s at The Courtyard on 19 April.

Three days later the Hold Steady frontman plays a “Living Room” show hosted by a fan. This house show is billed as an evening of music and conversation in an intimate setting, where Finn will perform the new songs and do a casual Q&A with the audience. Full details and tickets are available from Undertow Music

In addition to announcing the UK shows, Finn has released the video for ‘Tracking Shots’, taken from the new LP.

“These songs are about normal people trying to help themselves, trying to move forward, and in some cases trying just to survive. All the while they are negotiating what space the others in their lives can occupy,” says Finn of the new album.

“Love seems like the biggest mystery in our modern days – no amount of science or advances in technology can help us fully understand the notion of love and the role it plays in our lives.

“But I also thought about the search for love as an antidote for loneliness, and how so often modern partnership can be an alignment of self-interests. We make teams with each other to combat the world around us.

“There is a beauty in that for sure, but it also can fray around the edges. We lean against each other to keep ourselves upright, make uneasy truces, and push forward into uneasy times. The songs I had dwelled on this.”

  • Read our review of ‘We All Want The Same Things’ here.

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