Bad Breeding

Bad Breeding ‘Divide’ and conquer at Sebright Arms

Bad Breeding, who’ve just released their second album within a year, are embarking on a two-night residency at Sebright Arms in celebration.

The Stevenage band play the London venue on 14 April (with support from State Funeral and Drahla) and 15 April (with Runt and Hotel Lux). Tickets are available now.

The new LP, ‘Divide’, features the single ‘Whip Hand’, described as “a recounting of the impact that years of heinous government policy has had on vulnerable sections of British society” by the band’s Christopher Dodd.

“The title is taken from the old English phrase of holding the dominant position in horse driving. It’s a song about punishment… of needless and unwarranted cruelty. I’ve spent most of my life in a town that has been battered by the fallout from opposing ideologies and ‘Whip Hand’ is a continued examination of that.”

Similar examinations take place across much of the album.

“’Divide’ was put together a couple of months after the EU referendum and particular parts of the record sought to make sense of the confusion and misdirection that was so prevalent last summer,” say the band.

“In some ways it’s an attempt to resist the impulse to collapse under the weight of perpetual distortion packaged by certain sections of the British media, but at times we simply found ourselves instinctively lashing out in bewilderment at what was unravelling around us: the division and derision of certain sections of society, the enablement of xenophobia and the continued manipulation of working-class identity by politicians and press organisations alike.

“There are obviously some overtly political points being discussed on the record, although last year presented moments of pretty difficult personal trauma for us too and there are a few songs on the record that try to deal with those things.”


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