Sweet Baboo

Sweet Baboo brings his ‘Wild Imagination’ to The Lexington

In the run up to the release of new album ‘Wild Imagination’ and UK tour in June, Sweet Baboo has released the title track.

“I’m hoping that the sentiment of the song is pretty universal,” says the Welsh musician who performs at The Lexington on 15 June.  “As with a lot of this album, I wanted to convey the same sense of hope and joy I feel when I listen to Robert Wyatt or Arthur Russell singing.

“Musically, I love the mix of Jeff Lynne acoustics, cheap drum machine, Talking Heads keyboard riffs and Wings guitar licks and the middle eight is lifted straight from the Euros Childs songbook,” the musician born Stephen Black says of the song, a love letter to his young child.

Much of the album, in fact, is influenced by his son.

“I think everyone agrees 2016 was a pretty shitty year,” explains Black. “I kept thinking about my son (he’s nearly 3) and wanting to protect him from the world, so I decided to try and make an album full of positivity because that’s what I know I can do. And at the moment, I don’t know what else to suggest. As an aside, the album was originally going to be called Positive Recordings.”

Take the bright funk-pop psychedelia of ‘Pink Rainbow’. “The world can be a pretty dreary place so you may as well step out onto a pink rainbow,” explains Black of the track influenced by the Muppets classic, and one of his son’s favourites, ‘Rainbow Connection’.

Or ‘Clear Blue Skies’. “It’s a song about me and my son blasting off into space,” says Black. “I love the new age, Eno bit in the middle that’s held for about a minute. I’m hoping this section might grow into a monster live.

“I’m also holding out for a pregnancy test sync,” he deadpans.

  • ‘Wild Imagination’ is released on 2 June 2017.

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