Meadowlark sending ‘Postcards’ from The Waiting Room

Ahead of their headline UK tour, which includes The Waiting Room on 10 May, Meadowlark have announced their debut LP.

‘Postcards’, set to be released on 30 June, is preceded by the album’s title track.


Coinciding with the single’s release, the duo have invited fans to become involved in the creation of the official video by sending in postcards written to someone who’s impacted their life in a significant way. These anonymous notes will then form the basis of the video for a song that, lyrically, deals with “what you wish you could have said to someone but never felt you could at the time”. Visit for more details.

“Our music videos have always been self contained up until now, it all happens behind the scenes but this time I wanted to do something honest, meaningful and collaborative. For me that’s what ‘Postcards’ (the song) is all about, being brave and opening up,” explains Meadowlark’s Dan Broadley who, aside from playing guitar and handling production in the band, is a music video producer.

‘Postcards’ the album features a few previously released singles, including ‘Headlights’, ‘Eyes Wide’, and ‘Satellite’, as well new material that Broadley and Kate McGill (vocals and keys) wrote during various retreats in cottages around the UK.

“We’ve got a really good thing going, and it’s completely shared understanding of what we want to do,” says Broadley of their approach to songwriting. “If a song just needs Kate’s voice and a piano, I will happily step aside and let that be, just as Kate will make room for me if it that’s what is needed. We think solely about the song and nothing else, we’re not precious.”

The songs were then recorded over three 10-day stints in an old church with producer JJ Mitchell and mixed by Spike Stent, known for his work with Haim, Chvrches, and Massive Attack.


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