Mozarts Sister

Mozart’s Sister bumping in to London

Mozart’s Sister, the project of Montreal-based musician and producer Caila Thompson-Hannant, is headed to London alongside Pierre Kwenders as part of POP Montreal’s POP Off Europe tour.

They play a DJ set at The Old Blue Last on 17 May and Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on 23 May.

To coincide with the announcement, she’s released the animated video for ‘Bump’, the glittery new single from her latest LP, ‘Field of Love’.

Released in February, the follow-up to her 2014 debut album, ‘Being’, is inspired by Thompson-Hannant’s childhood love of ‘90s dance pop.

“I wrote ‘Field of Love’ at a point when I truly did feel I was floating in a field of love,” she explains. “Once I got going, the songwriting process happened very easily. As the songs came I realised: ‘Oh, I really like these.’ There was a naïveté to them and I felt like I could really cut loose when writing.”


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