Katie von Schleicher

Katie von Schleicher set for Omeara

Katie von Schleicher is heading to London ahead of the release of her debut LP.

The musician from Brooklyn, New York, plays Omeara on 22 May as a special guest of Aldous Harding.

On 28 July she releases the album ‘Shitty Hits’, featuring the lead single ‘Paranoia’.

“‘Paranoia’ is the first song I wrote for ‘Shitty Hits’,” reveals von Schleicher. “It’s an attempt to crystallize a feeling which would later be embodied in different forms throughout the album.

“Deciding to self-produce — to make this maximal and woozy sound I was dying to hear — has been as humbling as it is ecstatic. The isolation of that process isn’t unlike the isolation of anxiety or depression, or the struggle for perspective. I’m human, I get sad, I feel powerless. But learning to love the thing that can’t love you back… it’s at least worth a try.”

‘Shitty Hits’ follows the self-produced ‘Bleaksploitation’ which von Schleicher recorded after the owner of Ba Da Bing Records, where she was working as an intern, suggested that she make a cassette for the label to release.


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