Loved Ones

Loved Ones ‘Harness’ change at The Islington

Loved Ones have returned with a new album, ‘Harness’, and a new musical direction.

Both will be on show as the Liverpool quartet perform at The Islington on 27 May. Tickets are available here.

Since releasing their lo-fi ambient rock debut LP ‘The Merry Monarch’, the band have spent much of their recent time working on soundtracks and radio plays, including sci-fi author Olaf Stapledon’s magnum opus ‘The Last and First Men’ for BBC Radio Merseyside.

That soundtrack work has influenced the sound of ‘Harness’, as evidenced by the singles ‘End of An Error’ and ‘Without Face’.

“It’s channelling St Etienne for that dawn-of-the-90s, mid-tempo disco thing,” says singer Nik Glover of the latter track.

“The song is about my constant fear of heart attacks, brought about by my dad’s own bypass back when I was in college and my knowledge that me and him have a lot in common. I’m ageing, and starting to think about death in an overly dramatic kind of way.”

  • ‘Harness’ is out now.

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