The Coathangers

The Coathangers heading to Oslo

The Coathangers are kicking off their return to Europe with the video for ‘Captain’s Dead’, taken from their forthcoming EP, ‘Parasite’.

The Atlanta garage punk ensemble, who kick off their month-long European tour at Manchester’s Night & Day, play Oslo in Hackney on 17 May.

‘Captain’s Dead’ “is about a very interesting and difficult time of personal transition that happened at the end of last year, which coincided with a changing political climate ushered in by the election of Donald Trump as president,” The Coathangers’ guitarist/vocalist Julia Kugel told Paste.

“It was like the Trump ethos of savage ignorance was taking over every aspect of life, and then a realization that all things do circle and come back. The reward for malicious action is often a bag of shit, one way or another.”

The accompanying video, directed by longtime Coathangers collaborator Matt Odom, was shot in and around the band’s Long Beach house.

“We wanted this video to be a bit random and weird to the observer, yet the clip soaked in personal meaning. feels a bit like a feverish nightmare… a hex on assholes.”

  • ‘Parasite’ is released on 30 June.

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