Gogol Bordello seeking and finding their way to Hyde Park

Gogol Bordello are kicking off their latest UK tour at British Summer Time in Hyde Park on 1 July.

But the gypsy punk band have more than a series of shows up their collective sleeve – they’re releasing their seventh album at the end of August.

“‘Seekers and Finders’ is just a very magical and playful record for us,” says frontman Eugene Hütz. “It just feels quite complete in capturing the Gogol familia transcontinental lifestyle, every side of it… the Good, The Bad, and the Snugly.”  

Big on their signature blend of  violins, accordions, trumpet, and marimba, the new album was written on three continents.

“I was still bouncing between Latin America and Eastern Europe when songs were emerging, but finally, as soon as I moved back to New York, it all came into focus… as it always did for me here,” explains Hütz, who chose to produce the album himself.

“As the new songs were emerging, I had a feeling that ‘Seekers and Finders’ was going to be such an intimate record that, for this time, I felt the need to get behind the wheel myself.”

The results are typically eclectic.

Punk anthem ‘Saboteur Blues’ takes on French philosopher René Descartes. “This song is about the full commitment to the moment and putting the end to this self-sabotage… and going on a rampage with it,” says Hütz. “Our lives are royally sabotaged by our thinking being stuck in our past or future.  Girls in French mock-flirt the famous crap fuck shot philosophy ‘I think therefore I am’ of Descartes, while the band is clearly offering the alternative ‘I feel, perceive and experience, therefore I motherfucking rock’.”

The title track, meanwhile, is a lilting and breezy duet featuring Regina Spektor.

“It’s the duet of the wandering Jew and the roaming gypsy by the campfire, which we represent most perfectly,” explains Hütz.

  • ‘Seekers and Finders’ will be released on 25 August via Cooking Vinyl.  Pre-orders available here.

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