Dan Reed gets confessional at St Pancras Old Church

Dan Reed is heading out on a solo tour of intimate UK venues in support of his upcoming fourth LP, ‘Confessions’.

The tour kicks off at London’s St. Pancras Old Church on 14 September, the day before the album is released. Each of the concerts will be filmed and recorded for an upcoming live DVD compilation. Every person who buys a ticket to one of the UK concerts will receive a free video download sampler in September.

Tickets for the solo tour are available now.

‘Confessions’ is billed as a “chilled out, electro/acoustic soul album” dealing with themes of love.

“I felt in a time when we as a human race are more and more divided over political, economic, environmental and social issues it was important to try and write new songs that are calming in complicated times, songs about that which unites us, inspires us, and brings us comfort in this world,” says Reed. “That element always seems to come down to communication, compassion, empathy, warmth of family, friends. ‘Love’ is, more than anything, the air that our soul needs to retain the passion for life,” he continues.

“The road we travel in finding love, embracing it, trusting others, and also the days we spend running away from love are not without struggle, great confusion, and heartache. With these ten new tracks I made the effort of identifying that which we should be grateful for, while admitting that love can, and often does, hurt. But even in the face of pain and loss we should also never give up on this often elusive, powerful, and profoundly rewarding thing we call ‘love’.


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