John Metcalfe is live in London

Composer, producer, violist, guitarist, and arranger John Metcalfe is returning to his old stomping ground of Balham, for an intimate one-off performance on 13 July.

The New Zealand-born musician, who has worked with the likes of Coldplay, Peter Gabriel, and Blur, plays The Bedford with his quartet: drummer Daisy Palmer, bassist Ali Friend, and vocalist Rosie Doonan.

“I’m very happy to finally get to play my old local in Balham where I lived for about 15 years,” says Metcalfe. “It’s a great venue – I’ve seen loads of amazing music and comedy there and I’ve played there a few times with other artists but this is the first time with my band.

“We’re going to play music mainly from my last album ‘The Appearance of Colour’ but there’ll be some new material too which we’re excited to play live.”

Support comes from Sticks, Tamara Hansson, and Liv Austen.

Tickets are free and available here.


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