Cymbals are the ‘Light In Your Mind’ at Thousand Island

London-based duo Cymbals have shared ‘Where Nothing Can Be Defined’, the latest single from their upcoming second album.

‘Light In Your Mind’ will be celebrated at a special launch show at Thousand Island on 31 August.

“The song was written on an acoustic guitar, very quietly, at night,” reveals Jack Cleverly, who’s joined in Cymbals by Dan Simons.

“Dan added layers of synths and arpegiators over the top of my iPhone demo, and then Josh Heffernan created the drum beat, which to us is a classic beat, but we knew we needed it for this song,” he continues.

“At the time I had the idea for the song, I was doing something I had got into, which was to flip a sunset sky in my mind upside-down and backwards, so the clouds look like islands in a vast sea. I can now see that at that time I was also trying to escape in my mind. And a sea, in a sky, was an image that carried me a long way.”

‘Where Nothing Can Be Defined’ follows ‘Car Crash’ and ‘Decay’ as the third single from Cymbals’ first album since January 2014, and their debut release as a duo.

“When the band cut down to just me and Dan, and we stopped trying to find more people, I remember that it was scary at the time, and we didn’t know if we would keep going,” admits Cleverly.

“We agreed to a few rehearsals together and see where it went. We had a great surprise: it felt great, the writing was easy. It was if together we gave up trying to be anything other than what we are.

“We cut any bullshit between the two of us and talked honestly about the last few years. We found that when we started writing together, we were going faster towards the feeling that had given rise to Cymbals in the first place.”

The results can be heard on ‘Light In Your Mind’, released on 25 August 2017.


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